Lease your Property FAST!!!

Premier Ca Realty goal is to get your property leased as fast as possible for the highest price obtainable. We do this by effectively marketing your property on a local and National level to expose your property to as many potential renters as possible. As soon as we identify a potential renter, we do a complete credit and reference check to make sure the potential renter has ability to pay. Our proven method for getting your property rented out in the most expedient way possible to the most qualified tenants is detailed below:

Once the listing agreement is signed we do the following:

Marketing Your Home

  • Put home in Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • We market property on 50+ other Real Estate websites used by the tenants/consumer.
  • We will have a for lease sign on front yard.
  • Next to the for lease sign we have a flyer holder so people driving by can take a flyer and call for apt to view.
  • We offer open houses as needed.

Showing Your Property

  • We put electronic lock box on front door (only if home is vacant). When lock box is used it will electronically identify the specific realtor and date/time home was accessed. Our lock box is time sensitive and can only be accessed between the hours of 8am-8pm. Once lock box has been opened we are notified immediately through our realtor key. After notification we call realtor for feedback. If you prefer for agent or yourself to be present please let us know. We usually have a meeting prior to accepting application to make sure you are comfortable with potential tenants.
  • We require shoes to be taken off in entry way (basket with booties will be provided).
  • We have another flyer holder in kitchen with property details/business cards.
  • Open houses…..We will be facilitating open house for the 4-6 hour period if needed.

Qualifying The Tenant

  • Once we have received an application, we notify you immediately and complete a background check. Included in the background check is tri-merge credit report, call previous rental references (match the homeowner name given on application to the title records), call current employer (match phone number given on 411 business directory).
  • We require pay stubs for w-2 work and 6 month bank statements showing deposits for self employed.
  • If tenant has pet we ask for picture of animal for file and for you to review breed/size.
  • Once background is complete we PDF e-mail complete package for your review and set up face to face meeting once your are comfortable with package.

Preparing The Lease

  • After you have approved tenant we prepare the lease specific to the landlords needs and we make sure all the required California disclosures are signed by tenant.